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Loni Sanders Biography Photo Loni Sanders Biography
Born: 1/12/1958
Aliases: Sandy Brown, Loni Saunders , Brenda Vaighn, Dominique

Birthdate: January 12, 1958
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
Stage Name(s): Jeannie Ralph, Dominique (SE), Teri Galko.
Measurements : 34-22-35
Birth Name: Jennifer Lynn Wren

Loni Sanders (born January 12, 1958) is a porn star and adult model. She was born to an American father and Japanese mother, giving her an exotic appearance.

During the late 1970's and the beginning of the 1980's a five-foot tall, Eurasian, auburn-haired glamour model started to draw the attention of several photographers and art-directors. Although born under a common American maiden name, she rapidly became famous under her alias: Loni Sanders.

Notwithstanding her girlish measurements (34-22-35) Loni Sanders conquered the world of glamour with her sensuous smile and her nymphet-like complexion. Until today people admire her for her petite, all-natural figure then; her gulf-winged lips, small curvy tits and a tight, boy-like backside. She started her career as a glamour model, under the adopted name Loni Sanders, and appeared in several men's magazines, like Genesis, Swank, and Gallery. But she is still best known as Haiku from the April 1980 issue of Penthouse (although not as Pet of the Month).

That same year, after she met adult film-star (and future husband) Michael Ranger, she went into the hardcore business and started to act in X-rated movies. To mention some of the most important: Kiss and Tell (1980), Sexboat (1980), From 8 to 4 (1981), Summer of '72 (1982), and Beauty (1982).

Loni Sanders has been criticized as one of those rare porn stars who also could act. As a matter of fact, many of the films which she was casted for are now considered as classics. She quit the scene in 1985 to become a production manager for Vivid Video (owned by her new lover Steve Hirsch), where after she only played some cameos in Ginger Lynn films. Nowadays she lives in Los Angeles area. She remains the queen of the 80's.

Roger Reviews Interview:
Loni Interview
We're in the DVSX booth.
Behind the booth Rog, in a private room where no one can see us.

I'm sitting way across the table so I don't reach out and touch something that I'm not supposed to touch.
Hmm, what can two people do in a room like this?
We can do an interview and have a serious discussion about your career.
I guess we can do that if that's what you want. Hit me.
OK, your name is Loni.
Yes, my name is Loni.
Where are you from?
The Philippines.
Are you pure Filipino?
I'm three quarters Filipino and a quarter Chinese.
Did you grow up there?
I lived in the Philippines until I was twelve then near Guam for two and the rest of my life in the States.
When did you start doing movies?
Do you count the solo stuff I did for the internet?
I answered a classified ad and called in about a year ago. I came in, got naked and they looked me over. They asked me when I could start and I started the next day.
How was it?
These were just solos and they were very boring for me. I was almost falling asleep while they took pictures of me.
How old were you when you did that?
I was supposed to be nineteen when I was doing that, but I'm twenty-five now so you can figure it out.
You don't look twenty five.
Someone just came up to me outside and said I looked sixteen.
I don't know if you look sixteen, but you look young.
Being Asian, everyone just thinks I'm younger than I am.
How long did you do the solos?
For about a month and a half. Another girl who worked there convinced me that I should go to LA and make some real money. She got me started in movies.
So that was 2002?
Late January, early February of 2002 yes.
About how many movies have you done in the year you've been in the business?
Twenty-five or so. Is that a lot?
Not at all.
My pussy needs to take a break.
Who was your first movie with?
Don Fernando.
I'm sorry.
(She laughs) OK, stop that. That's not funny, he might be reading this.
All right, how was it working with Don?
It was fine, I worked with Kyle Stone.
I thought you said you worked with Don Fernando.
He shot it, he wasn't the talent.
Oh that explains a lot.
It was for Asian Dolls or Asian Fever.
Were you nervous?
Hell yes. They wanted me to do dialog and all that. I closed my eyes and said a prayer. It took like half a day to do it all.
When you were done with the first scene did you already know that you would do more?
I was about fifty/fifty. The next day I talked to my friend and she encouraged me to try another. They were really nice to me so I guess I was lucky.
What are some of your best movies?
One that I really liked was Double Parked 2 that Alex Ladd shot. They gave me two guys that I really wanted.
Which guys?
Cheyne Collins and Jay Ashley. They fucked the shit out of me.
You didn't request me?
(She turns to Alex Ladd) I did, right? You said you wouldn't hire Roger.
Alex: That's right, Rog you're too expensive and the girls they just can't work with you. They all know.
That I'm too big.
Alex: That's right, way too big.
Loni: Really? How big?
Well I only have one leg.
Damn, OK. (She feels Rog's leg) Oh hell no, you would break me.
What are some other movies for fans to watch for?
No Man's Land Asian 4 from Video Team is a good girl/girl movie. I worked with Cheyne again in Sweatin' It and I put that boy to work. I like making him sweat.
Is he your favorite?
He is one of them. I like Jay too. They are different. Jay is into hard-core sex and Cheyne is more soft. So depending on my mood, they are perfect guys.
Which do you prefer?
Come on, I'm mostly into hard-core. Fuck me hard every day. That's the only way I can cum.
I just saw you in a scene for Elegant Angel.
Heavy Handfuls? That was with Jay.
You were going crazy.
That shit was real. I was shaking. That was so good.
So if people haven't seen that, they should check it out. Loni plays volleyball topless and she has great boobs.
(She flashes her boobs.) You like these?
I wish the readers could see those.
These are real baby. Girls pay four thousand for boobs like these, but mine are all natural.
I may have to test that out to make sure.
Anytime you want, grab them.
Soon. Let's finish this first.
Are you gay?
No. (Rog reaches over and feels Loni's boob.) Real, very real and very sexy. Is your nipple getting hard?
Stop that, get back to the interview.
Fine. Do you have a favorite girl to work with?
One, but she is in and out of the business, Kimmi Kahn. We fucked once in No Man's Land and we've hung out. I always try to get in her pants, but she keeps saying no.
She is very cute.
She's small like me, but I can't get her. I have no game.
Use the boobs.
Do you think that would work?
After the interview you can practice on me.
Will you pretend to be Kimmi?
Sure why not.
You certainly aren't shy now, but what were you like growing up?
It's weird. In class I was the quietest of all. I wasn't a bookworm, I was just really quiet. I became sociable in high school and started to make a lot of friends.
It must be fun for you to meet fans.
Hell yeah. I love this part. Last year I checked it out walking around. I never thought I would work behind the booth.
Have you had a lot of people who recognize you from your movies?
Yeah, quite a few. They tell me that they've seen movies that I didn't even know I was in.
Is it kind of scary that some of these guys know more about your career than you do?
It's true, they do. They tell me what movies I was in and what positions I was in.
Have they been nice?
They have all been nice. I've have had a couple of guys who have been by three or four times. They take pictures and I feel wanted.
How tall are you?
And your measurements?
34c-28-33. I have a little gut because I eat a lot and I'm Asian so I have no ass.
You get cast in a lot of Asian lines.
When you're Asian and new to the business they just grab you up.
Now you're shooting big boob lines.
Yeah, people are starting to notice them.
Since they are already full C's are you going to have anything done to them?
Hell no. These things are getting me jobs. When I'm fifty maybe I will have a lift, but not now.
Just hire me, I will stand behind you all day and hold them up.
You can be my bra and save me money.
Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, but really want to?
Nick Manning. I saw him work and I want him.
Do you like the good looking guys?
It always helps to be attractive, but it's not the most important thing.
What about size?
I'm going to get punished for saying this, but I'm really, really content with six and a half.
That's not bad.
I had Brett Rockman in Kung Fu Girls.
I remember that scene.
That dude is like twelve or thirteen inches. I just looked at it and said "Honey, where are you going to put that." I have a short canal and his dick was going to hit my throat.
Have you worked with anyone who was too big?
Billy Glide. He's not as long as Brett, but he's so think. They wanted me to do anal with him. Something happened to him that day. He got sick or something so I didn't have to do anal with him. I loved him in my pussy though because I love that feeling of being filled. I'm into a little bit of pain so when he was entering me and kind of ripping me apart I was going nuts.
Did you do anal before movies?
When I was like eighteen, my boyfriend wanted to do it. He was a short guy down there so it was cool. It was good for my first time and he really knew what he was doing.
That helps.
Yeah, I was shocked. I asked him where he learned how to do that and he said "From my grandma."
His grandma? What the fuck?
That's what I said. He said he talked to his grandma and she told him how to do it right. That was kind of sick, but it worked. He fucked me in my ass and got me used to it. I took a break for a while before getting into the industry. Then I called him on day and asked him to help me get ready.
That's a call every guy wants to get.
I didn't have to ask him twice.
How long did it take him to get to your house after that call?
I went to his house because I wanted it so bad.
You are just too easy.
Hey, I had the car, he had the dick.
Do you dance?
I did when I was nineteen, but I don't know. I work as a medical assistant.
You have a day job?
Yeah. It's only part time.
Has anyone recognized you?
Just the girls at work.
Are they OK with it?
They have been very nice and respectful.
But no patients yet?
Shhh, don't say that. I'm so scared. When I take their vitals I just look down and hope they don't recognize me.
Does your family know what you're doing?
That was emphatic. Would they be unhappy if they knew?
Probably not. My mom is very supportive. When she found out I was stripping she just asked if I made good money. I bring home the bacon, they can't say shit.
What are your plans for the future?
I want to go to school to be an ultrasound technician.
Will you be around for a while?
Oh yeah. I like the people and I want to work constantly. It's the only way I can have a lot of sex.
Somehow I don't think you have a problem getting sex.
What about the guys I really want?
Any of them who would turn you down are crazy.
Thanks Rog, you're so sweet.
Have you done any magazine work?
I did a photo layout, but I haven't seen it yet. I would like to do more of that and take a break from video from time to time.
Anything you want to say in closing?
Yeah, watch me man.
She is hot guys, do as she says.
Hey Rog, you didn't check the other boob. Get over here.

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